Master your ambient and mood lighting with these 5 smartphone-controlled LED smart lamps

Ever get the feeling that something is missing in your room, but can’t quite figure out what is it? What you are missing might be vibe. Mood. Something to color the place in response to your thoughts and feels. Or pulse along with the heavy beats of your favorite tunes, enhancing their impact and maximizing pleasure. If any of this sounds appealing, you should get a smart lamp. Unlike regular lighting, these inexpensive gadgets can output millions of colors, most of which you probably haven’t imagined yet. They are also controlled with your smartphone, which enables interesting possibilities.

For example, the phone can act as a remote control so you can choose some far-out colors on a whim. It also lets the lamp sync with your alarms so that you can wake up or go to bed to your favorite colors. Or make it change colors and pulse in sync with the music you are playing. Or light up in different colors upon receiving specific notifications. The interplay between light and modern connectivity can be all kinds of cool, so check out these five smartphone-controlled LED lamps and get the one you vibe with.

Aukey Table LampOfficial website

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