Valentine’s day tech gift guide: here’s what to get your significant other

Although celebrating Valentine’s Day is possibly the worst possible way to profess your love to your significant other, it won’t stop folks from engaging into various activities, mostly including cheesy love songs, flowers, balloons, and love-proclaiming greeting cards. After all, you shouldn’t be showing your love only on the 14th of February, but rather every other day of the year. Provided that your feelings are genuine, that is. 
Anyway, we digress. Although many people don’t actually care about Valentine’s Day, the holiday will be certainly celebrated by a large amount of the populace. For certain, many a gift will change hands and cause lots of smiles. Or not. In order to help you in your gift-selecting endeavors and potentially save you an awkward situation, we decided to round up some notable gifts that you can give your significant other in 10 days’ time.
Anyways, we know we might be a bit late, but here a couple of gift ideas for late shoppers:
Gift ideas for women
Idea #1: A stylish phone 
Various studies have concluded that due to one reason or another, women are biologically predisposed to spot favor and discern between more shade of red and pink than men. Who are we to get in arguments with science? This Valentine’s day, you can earn lots of points with the mistress of your heart by getting her a stylish and elegant smartphone that will complement her looks! Here are a few recommendations:
Any Rose Gold Apple iPhone Price: $649 – $849Get one here

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