Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy: a history of the biggest smart phone rivalry

Steve Jobs holding the original iPhone

Nearly 10 years after the original iPhone set the foundation for the modern smart phone industry, Apple’s iconic handset is still the world’s most popular high-end phone, selling in record quantities.
While it was a one-man show in the first three years of the iPhone as the Android platform was struggling to come up with a strong alternative, it finally arrived in 2010 when Samsung launched its first Galaxy S phone.
In high-end phones the story was not about Apple vs Android, it was about Apple vs SamsungAn all-out phone with top-rate specs, the Galaxy S quickly became Samsung’s best known phone, backed by huge marketing campaigns that stood it up against Apple’s iPhone and presented it as the more feature-rich alternative. Samsung quickly realized that people want bigger screens and with its display expertise it was able to deliver big and beautiful AMOLED displays, one of the driving forces for Galaxy S sales. The TouchWiz custom Android interface became the best known ‘face’ of Google’s platform.
It’s clear now that if there ever was a big smart phone rivalry, it was between these two phones: the Apple iPhone, the smart phone that started it all, and the Samsung Galaxy, the Android alternative. While other good phones erupted and faded, these two remained throughout the years, and as we’re getting ready for 2017 that will likely bring the biggest design changes to both of them, we take a look at the history of the biggest smart phone rivalry: its Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy.

2007Original iPhone

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