ZTE Quartz smartwatch leaks out, circular display and Android Wear 2.0 on board

Last month, during CES 2017, ZTE confirmed that it was working on an Android Wear smartwatch – its very first such device. According to Venture Beat, the smartwatch is called ZTE Quartz, and we can take a look at it in the leaked image above.

Like many other smartwatches currently on the market (not including the Apple Watch, of course), the ZTE Quarts sports a circular display in order to resemble a traditional timepiece.

For now, there aren’t too many details on the features of the ZTE Quartz, but we know that this should come with 3G/LTE connectivity, so it might let you make and receive calls without the aid of a smartphone. ZTE previously said that its first smartwatch would offer superior battery life, and should be available via a major US carrier.

The Quartz runs Android Wear 2.0, the brand new version of Google’s OS that will be officially announced later this week, when other next-gen smartwatches (including models made by LG) are expected to be introduced.

Interestingly, ZTE also has an Android smartphone called Quartz, though this is now 2 years old and is a low-end device of little interest. Regardless of that, the ZTE Quartz watch might be fully unveiled at the end of the month during MWC 2017.

source: Venture Beat

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