LG Watch Style and Sport, the first Android Wear 2.0 watches, are now official

LG Watch Style on the left, LG Watch Sport on the right

Nearly three years after its launch, a few lessons learned and a few bruises healed, Android Wear is ready to reinvent itself. Google has just officially unveiled Android Wear 2.0, the biggest change to the smartwatch platform, and just like 2014 with the G Watch, it has again partnered with LG for the introduction of the first two Android Wear 2.0 powered watches: the new LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport.
The most powerful Android Wear watch and the first one to have a rotating dialThe two watches make great use of the key new features of Android Wear 2.0: the more informative watch faces, the improved work-outs, new ways to use apps, and more ways to stay connected with your friends and family. And yes, these new watches also support the fast and knowledgeable Google Assistant (the Assistant works with English and German only on the watches, but support for more languages is in the plans for the coming months).
They are also beautifully round and feature a rotating dial, a feature that was so far only available on the Apple Watch.
LG Watch Style
LG Watch Style Popular galleries

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