Deal alert: get a Samsung Wireless Charging Pad half off

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Pad – you know, the one that can top up the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge by just plopping them on it, is currently more than half off over at Amazon. The pad still costs $49.99 if you peak at the Samsung store online, but Amazon has done its magic to bring this price down to $23.79, or as much as a generic Qi charger, though it has been on sale for even cheaper. 
Bear in mind that this is not the fast wireless charging pad that will top up the S7 or S7 edge in two hours, with the respective increase in noise and LED disco music emanating from the charger.
The adapter of this puppy is 2A, and it works with any current and former Samsung flagship that has wireless charging built in, i.e. from the Galaxy S6 onwards. It will also work with other Qi-enabled phones, including ones that have charging covers installed separately, so if you have been holding off this whole wireless charging thing, now is the time to give it a try for twenty bucks or so, and see if the shoe fits.

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