Apple’s fresh ‘One Night’ promo video flaunts beautiful ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ low-light footage

Apple is relentless in promoting arguably the most stand-out hardware feature of its phones, the excellent cameras that now capture a wide color gamut, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus screens are able to display those shots properly on their displays. That’s not all, though, as Apple just recorded what is arguably the best quarter of a public company ever, hauling close to $18 billion to its coffers on account of new iPhone users brought on to the Apple camp by outfitting the 7 Plus with true zoom and depth-of-field camera set. 
The iPhones’ cameras are so popular that it is the most used shooter on Flickr and other image-centered venues, and has been for a while now. Leave it to Apple to hammer this point home with its “Shot on iPhone 7” campaign that features untouched footage from around the globe made by regular iPhone Joes. This latest installment is called One Night, and, you guessed it, flaunts the low-light photography prowess of Apple’s finest handsets.

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